The Kixx Newsroom has been revamped for a more convenient user experience. It also has a new look that better reflects the Kixx brand identity.

June 27, 2024



Triple Double Technology optimizes the performance of Kixx lubricants so they can meet customers’ expectations anywhere, at any time.

June 25, 2024



The Kixx Immersion Fluid S line now has four customized products that cool equipment more efficiently than traditional air-cooling systems.

May 30, 2024

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Why Kixx Is Different: Triple Double Technology

It takes years of meticulous research to develop innovative technologies and put them into action. Nowhere is…

Kixx Immersion Fluid Portfolio_Thumbnail

Kixx Expands Portfolio of Immersion Cooling Fluids

The launch of Kixx Immersion Fluid S in November 2023 was a milestone for the brand. By…

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[KixxPedia] Immersion Cooling Systems: What it is and How it...

Our modern world runs on data, powered by servers at data centers that process, host, and store…


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Kixx Sets Sights on Becoming Top Lubricant Brand Worldwide, Highlighting Its Class-leading Industrial Lubricants

Kixx Aims to Become Top Lubricant Brand Around the World,...

With decades of technical know-how, Kixx, under the GS Caltex brand, has been manufacturing high-performance…


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