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A shining yellow and chrome hydraulic system with four varieties of Kixx Hydraulic Fluid.
Kixx’s hydraulic fluid lineup is formulated to provide strong protection, efficient operation in a wide range of temperatures and extended equipment service life.

Hydraulic systems are a crucial part of machinery used in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, mining, agriculture, and marine fields. Hydraulic fluid plays a vital role in these systems, transferring power, dissipating heat, generating sealing film to prevent leakage, providing thorough lubrication, and removing contaminants. Quality hydraulic fluid eliminates the risk of wear and makes sure machinery maintains a reliable performance.


Kixx Hydraulic Fluids: Up to the Task for Over 20 Years

Recognized by Korea First Brand Awards as Korea’s No. 1 lubricant provider for seven consecutive years, Kixx is a leading global brand that will strive to continue developing high-quality products and premium services for its valued customers. Kixx has been collaborating with global manufacturers for over 20 years, providing them with the premium industrial lubricants they need to excel. Kixx’s hydraulic fluids meet and exceed the construction industry’s strictest OEM standards, including those set by Volvo, Doosan, Hyundai, Posco and Kobelco Construction Equipment. Kixx provides a full and expansive range of hydraulic fluids, all underpinned by technology that has earned the trust of manufacturers the world over.


Kixx’s Versatile Hydraulic Fluid Lineup

Industrial machinery can be very costly, hence the need for high quality hydraulic fluids to maintain and lengthen their service life. Kixx’s hydraulic fluids are formulated to offer strong protection to equipment parts. They also contribute to stable and efficient operation in higher temperature environments by providing excellent sludge control through superior thermal and oxidation stability.

  • Kixx Hydro HVL Premium quality, multi-viscosity, anti-wear hydraulic fluid, specifically designed to meet the long-life requirements of construction equipment hydraulic oil
  • Kixx Hydro HD/HDZ Specially designed for use in high pressure hydraulic systems or hydraulic systems subjected to wide variations in operating temperature
  • Kixx Hydro AW Anti-wear hydraulic fluid specifically recommended for a wide variety of hydraulic systems and circulation systems
  • Kixx Hydro AF Formulated with premium base oils and ashless additive system for maximized oxidation stability, water separability, foam suppression and wear/rust/corrosion protection
  • Kixx Hydro Super Specifically designed for industrial and mobile service applications subjected to moderate operating conditions
  • Kixx RD BIO Kixx’s latest hydraulic fluid synthesizing top performance with sustainability

They help maintain the value of equipment by enhancing equipment’s durability and also save on maintenance costs by extending oil change intervals and lowering fuel consumption rates. Kixx’s hydraulic fluids are the ideal choice for those seeking to reduce TCO, boost performance, streamline efficiency and strengthen reliability.


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