Kixx’s New Video Campaign on WeChat and Weibo Offers Drivers a Fun Way to Find the Right Engine Oil



Korea’s No.1 engine oil maker has found a fresh way to get Chinese drivers thinking about lubricants, with a unique video campaign launched on WeChat and Weibo. The seven-part video series uses a slot machine theme to get users on China’s largest social platform geared up about finding the perfect engine oil. From passenger cars to commercial vehicles, Kixx’s new campaign is giving social-savvy vehicle owners in China a fun way to think about lubricants.

Launched in October, the short series of clips from Kixx under the banner, “Whatever suits you, belongs to you (适你的才是你的),” puts the spotlight on the company’s passenger vehicle and heavy-duty commercial product lineup, making it easier than ever to find the perfect high-performance lubricant to keep engines running longer.

The videos illustrate the benefits of each product in an eye-catching way, well capturing the characteristics of each vehicle and driver. As the thrilling atmosphere builds in the glow of the casino lights in the animation, viewers choose from seven different vehicle types and start the slot machine. With theme music matched to each scenario, the slots reveal the Kixx product designed to optimize the passenger or commercial vehicle they choose.

Left: Kixx HD Power Video, Right: Kixx G1 ECO Video

Viewers can explore a range of products, from Kixx’s HD and HDX lineup for heavy duty trucks, as well as four gasoline engine oils for passenger cars. The Kixx HD series of lubricants are specially formulated to offer heavy duty protection for commercial vehicles. By providing excellent wear protection and friction reduction even under extreme weather conditions, it helps engines run smoother so vehicle fleets can stay on the road longer. And Kixx products for gas-powered, passenger vehicles are optimized for daily commutes in stop-and-go traffic, giving drivers dependable performance even under extreme weather and seasonal changes. Some products are currently available exclusively in China.

No matter the vehicle, Kixx has the solution you need to get vehicles running smoother for longer. Recently recognized as Korea’s No. 1 engine oil brand, Kixx products are trusted by users in more than 63 countries around the world, including China. Constantly striving to live up to the standards of the No. 1 moniker, Kixx will continue to develop oil and lubricant solutions that fulfill the needs of drivers around the world – with fresh campaigns to take those products to a new generation of drivers.

For more information, please visit the official Kixx website at Subscribe to Kixx‘s global YouTube channel for the latest Kixx videos, and visit Kixx Global Newsroom to keep current on the latest company news.

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