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It takes years of meticulous research to develop innovative technologies and put them into action. Nowhere is this truer than at GS Caltex, which infuses its high-end automotive lubricants with performance-optimizing technologies so they can meet customers’ expectations — anywhere, at any time.

The powerful secret behind Kixx automotive lubricants is Triple Double Technology. In this article, we’ll explain what Triple Double Technology is and why customers should look for the Triple Double Technology logo when they shop for lubricants.


What is Triple-Double Technology

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Adverse weather conditions, urban traffic congestion, driving at high speeds and engine downsizing increase the need for dependable automotive lubricants. To meet that need, Kixx combined three technologies that prevent problems with two others that reinforce stability.

Triple Anti Technology combats common problems — friction, oxidation and wear — that make lubricants less effective over time. Meanwhile, Double Boosting Technology reinforces temperature stability and shear stability so lubricants can perform at their best. Kixx incorporates Triple Anti Technology  and Double Boosting Technology into its passenger car engine oils, its commercial vehicle engine oils, its transmission oils, its axle oils and more.


Triple Anti Technology

1. Anti-Friction

A chart shows that Kixx products outperformed competitors in anti-friction tests.

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With Triple Anti Technology, friction modifiers are used to reduce friction within a car’s engine. Friction modifiers are molecules that act as buffers within an engine, protecting the engine and ultimately improving fuel economy. In mini-traction machine (MTM) tests, Kixx products containing friction modifiers consistently showed lower friction coefficients when compared with products that lacked friction modifiers. Kixx engine oil with friction modifiers also improved fuel economy by 1.5% in tests that controlled for other factors.


2. Anti-Oxidation

A chart shows that Kixx products outperformed competitors in anti-friction tests.

Triple Double Technology_Anti-Oxidation

Triple Anti Technology prevents and eliminates the formation of varnish and sludge caused by the thermal oxidation of lubricants at high temperatures. When Kixx G1 — one of many Kixx lubricants to feature Triple Double Technology — was tested for its anti-oxidation properties, the results were excellent. Viscosity increase per hour was much lower than the specification limits, indicating that Kixx G1 maintained its effectiveness longer.


3. Anti-Wear

A chart titled “Viscosity Increase” shows Kixx performed well on tests that measured oxidation stability.

Triple Double Technology_Anti-WearTriple Anti Technology prolongs engine life with anti-wear additives that form a lubricating film between moving parts. In field tests, engine components that had come into contact with Kixx G1 were examined alongside parts that had come into contact with a comparable API SM product. The parts in the Kixx G1 group showed significantly less wear.


Double Boosting Technology

1. Temperature Stability

“Viscosity Index” and “Cold Cranking Simulator (cP)” charts show temperature stability results for Kixx G1 and two competitors.

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Lubricants need to perform reliably in all kinds of weather. By using Double Boosting Technology, Kixx ensures that its lubricants remain effective even when exposed to extreme temperatures. Kixx LUBO — a base oil used in many Kixx lubricants — passed with flying colors when it was subjected to viscosity index and cold-cranking simulator tests, outperforming two competitors on important measures of temperature stability.


2. Shear Stability

“Viscosity Index” and “Cold Cranking Simulator (cP)” charts show temperature stability results for Kixx G1 and two competitors.

Incheon Plant
Shear is a loss of viscosity that occurs when oil is under mechanical stress. This means the product gets thinner and can’t function as well. Kixx’s Double Boosting Technology boosts shear stability, so the product maintains its viscosity.


Experience Superior Lubricants Formulated With Kixx’s Exclusive Technology

If you’re looking for a lubricant that optimizes your engine’s performance, just look at the label. Do you see the Triple Double Technology logo? If so, you can depend on that product to perform under the harshest conditions.

Kixx continues to carry out research and development to improve the performance of its engine oils. Visit KixxOil.com to see the full range of automotive lubricants with Triple Double Technology.


Watch our video about Kixx Triple Double Technology: [YouTube Link]


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