Kixx Collaborates with World B-Boy Champion ‘Jinjo Crew’



Kixx unveiled its 2019 global digital campaign with a film, featuring the world renowned Jinjo Crew b-boy group, posted to the company’s official YouTube channel. Celebrating the fluid motion of both oil and dance, the video showcases the excellence of Kixx lubricants through the dynamic, high-powered dance moves and teamwork of Jinjo Crew’s break dancing.

Having recently won the Korea First Brand Award in the lubricant category, Kixx is the No. 1 lubricant brand in the country making the partnership with Jinjo Crew a perfect match. The b-boys have had a meteoric rise in the global b-boy scene as they are the first team to win all five of the major international competitions, including a gold medal held at the 2019 Sochi Open, making them widely recognized as the No. 1 b-boy group in the world.

The brand film features custom choreography from Jinjo Crew that celebrates Kixx’s brand message to inspire people to ‘Awaken Excellence.’ The message highlights Kixx’s drive to set new bars of excellence as they innovate and find the right solution to create a better life and a better future.

Jinjo Crew drew inspiration from Kixx’s spirit of excellence and the dynamic features of their lubricant oil for the choreography featured in the campaign. In addition to the launch video, six additional performances by Jinjo Crew will be released on Kixx’s official YouTube channel where people can subscribe to receive notifications when the videos drop.

“We found inspiration for our breaking dancing in Kixx’s lubricant oil,” said Jinjo Crew’s Vero. “To harness the dynamic strength that Kixx brings to engines, we used high-energy moves like windmills and head spins to deliver a full-throttle performance and express the movement and power of an engine in our choreography.” Kixx representatives say they hope the campaign will make the brand more approachable.

“We hope this year’s digital campaign will be an opportunity for our customers around the world to connect with Kixx in a fun and approachable way,” said Eunjung Choi, Team Leader of Finished Lubricants Marketing Strategy Team. “This campaign is another milestone on our journey to becoming an international household name as we strive to replicate our success at becoming the No. 1 consumer choice in Korea on a global scale.”

To see the campaign video and get notifications to see more performances, behind the scenes footage, and the next brand film which will be released in September, subscribe to the Kixx Global YouTube channel.

Along with the brand film, Kixx has also launched the Kixx Global Newsroom to keep international consumers updated. The newsroom will serve as a go to source of information for both consumers and the media to keep up to date with press releases, stories, company activities and brand videos. Visit Kixx Global Newsroom to see what Kixx is doing around the globe.

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