New Kixx Brand Film “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx” Resonates with Korean Audience, Passing 1.4 Million Views on YouTube



In late April, Kixx – Korea’s No.1 lubricant provider – released a new brand film for Korean audiences. The short, uplifting video – titled “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx” – has resonated with audiences online and has reached over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

The film tells the story of two friends called Minsu and Hyunsoo. At the start of the video, an exhausted Minsu is struggling to break through a rival team’s defense during a basketball game. Knocked to the ground by another player, he looks up to see his friend and teammate Hyunsoo reaching an arm down to pull him up, and is reminded of how Hyunsoo has always been there to support him through life’s ups and downs. Soon, with the clock running down, Hyunsoo passes to Minsu at just the right moment, giving him the window he needs to get the ball through the hoop and win the game.

Taking a somewhat unconventional approach for a lubricant brand, “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx” tells an impactful emotional story. Like Hyunsoo, the film expresses, Kixx is a reliable companion that is always ready to lend a helping hand and empower customers to achieve their goals. As loyal and reliable as Hyunsoo, Kixx strives to support customers with high-quality lubricants and engine oils, providing differentiated products that anticipate their every need.

Over 270 comments have been left under the video, with many enthusiastically discussing the effectiveness of the storytelling and its relatability, reminiscing on the friendship and support they are grateful to have experienced themselves.’

“I was deeply touched by this, it reminded me of the many supporters in my own life,” read one comment.

“Kixx is just like a friend to me,” said another. “Its support and effort are unwavering, and I can feel the brand’s genuine intentions to help its clients. The brand has been a great companion for my car.”

To watch the new “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx” video, visit YouTube. Learn more about Kixx at

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