Kixx, the leading lubricant brand in Korea, unveiled “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx – The Second Story” on December 14. Following its predecessor, the first “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx” brand film, this sequel has captivated online audiences and garnered 4 million views within a month of its release.

The Korea Association for Information of Science and Education, responsible for overseeing the ICT Awards Korea, awarded the initial film a Gold Prize under the digital insights category. Presently, consumers are showing interest in the sequel due to its poignant narrative and emotional impact—distinctive elements that differentiate it from conventional lubricant brand advertisements.

The first film, which attracted over 2 million views in just a month after its release and has now surpassed 3.5 million views, dramatized the Kixx brand ethos through the story of two best friends playing basketball together. The player who scores the winning basket is overcome with gratitude for the loyal friend who has always been by his side, supporting him through thick and thin, just as Kixx is always there for its customers. “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx – The Second Story” takes a different perspective. Its hero, Eugene, is a soccer captain who resolves a conflict between two players — easing the friction between them just as Kixx reduces friction in powerful engines. By showing in an exciting, engaging way how Eugene leads his team to victory, the film spotlights the crucial role that lubricants play in optimizing the performance of automobiles and industrial equipment.

Viewers have left more than 2,300 comments under “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx — The Second Story,” with many saying they could relate. Some praised the quality of the video, while others stressed the role Kixx plays in their lives. Many expressed gratitude for the people in their lives like Eugene — those who always go the distance to mediate conflicts and reduce friction in families and communities.

One commenter wrote, “This video is exceptionally well-made. Its dynamism and strength really impressed me.”

Another wrote, “Kixx is a precious lubricant for my vehicle, and it is similarly important in my life.”

“Thanks to this video from Kixx, I have come to reconsider the importance of family as the lubricant of life,” said another. “And I am grateful for my family.”

To watch the full video on the official Kixx YouTube channel, [click here]