A host, left, onstage with a bouquet next to a GS Caltex representative holding a trophy, below signboards bearing the Kixx logo and the text “First Brand Awards 2024”

Kixx maintained its winning streak at the 2024 Korea First Brand Awards, pulling in the top honor in the lubricant category for the eighth year in a row.

The Customers Council, which administers the annual competition, surveys customers — online, or over the phone or a mobile device — to find out which brands they love most. The results show that Kixx remains Korea’s top lubricant.

For more than 50 years, GS Caltex has refined its technology and honed its expertise to create products consumers can trust. The Kixx product line includes over 180 lubricants for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications, including heavy-duty diesel engine oil, premium PAO and premium gasoline engine oil.

Owned and manufactured by GS Caltex, Kixx has made a name for itself ever since its launch in 2005 with advanced technology and industry-leading production facilities in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province. High-quality GS Caltex base oils from these Yeosu facilities form a part of many of Kixx’s products.

The emblem, certificate and trophy for the First Brand Awards for the No. 1 consumer choice in the lubricant category

The latest award follows a series of accolades in 2023. The Social i-Award celebrated Kixx with an Innovator Prize for an engaging Facebook page and a Winner Prize for a helpful, informative blog. Kixx was a finalist at the Korea Internet Experts Association’s Web Awards Korea 2023 for the quality, reliability and usability of the content of KixxOil.com. The Korea Association for Information of Science and Education, which oversees ICT Awards Korea, recognized Kixx with a Gold Prize in the digital insights category for a marketing video titled “You Are My Lubricant, Kixx.” All those wins underscore Kixx’s flair for social media marketing and customer community engagement.

Kixx strives to meet consumer demand for sustainable products. It offers two products for lower-carbon vehicles: Kixx EV for electric vehicles and Kixx Hybrid for hybrid vehicles. In 2022, Kixx introduced plant-based engine oil “Kixx BIO 1,” following up in 2023 with biodegradable chainsaw oil products and a redesign of its 1-liter containers made from 20% recycled plastics and using 30% less plastic overall.

More recently, the brand launched Kixx Immersion Fluid S, a cooling solution for data centers that improves performance while reducing energy costs. Meanwhile, its new “Kixx Tutorial” video series has received an enthusiastic response online for providing vehicle owners with an accessible guide to engine maintenance, from oil inspection to replacement.

In 2024, Kixx plans to launch new products for customers in response to the changing market and maintain its reputation as Korea’s leading lubricant brand.