Throughout August, GS Caltex India Private Limited (GSIPL) is running a digital campaign to celebrate Friendship Day 2023. In line with Kixx’s “All ways with you” slogan, the campaign emphasizes the connections between the ways friends can depend on each other and how customers can count on GS Caltex’s Kixx lubricants to support their engines in all kinds of conditions.

In India, Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and gives friends and families the opportunity to reflect on their closest relationships, with many people tying bands around their friends’ wrists to mark the occasion and reaffirm their connections to one another. With support and reliability being key guiding principles for the Kixx brand, GSIPL’s campaign shows how oil is an engine’s best friend.


A Campaign Video Honoring All Kinds of Friendships

This year’s Friendship Day campaign is celebrating friendships of all kinds, including the unconditional connections we have with our pets. Distilling the main themes of both Friendship Day and Kixx’s “All ways with you” philosophy into a touching short film, the campaign’s “Happy Friendship Day” YouTube video tells the story of a dog and the actor.

The film highlights how the bond between the dog and the actor is much like that between an engine and its oil. Always quietly standing by to offer support and fetch tools for the actor, the dependable dog symbolizes Kixx’s lubricant products, which work hard in the background to keep car and motorbike engines running smoothly both in day-to-day situations and in extreme conditions.

Stills from the campaign video show the actor and dog posing for selfies on a road trip with bottles of Kixx in the background.


Commemorating Comradery Across a Range of Media

To promote the campaign, Kixx’s 2023 “Happy Friendship Day” video has been distributed widely across numerous social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. To further amplify the campaign’s reach, GSIPL has organized social media contests, influencer collaborations, radio spots and digital coverage in Indian media outlets. The campaign earned over 15 million views across social media platforms.

 Extracts from campaign social media posts show the actor and dog from the video and attached promotional text.

Kixx’s high-quality lubricants offer strong, consistent performance even in extreme operating conditions. Recognized by First Brand Awards as Korea’s No. 1 engine oil brand, Kixx has earned the trust of an ever-growing customer base in India and beyond. Striving to deliver unparalleled products in the market and make human connections with its extensive media campaigns, the brand will continue to provide services and support to customers all over the world.

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