Kixx Launches New TV Commercial Series in Vietnam, Starring Nguyen Quang Hai



Kixx has launched a new series of TV commercials in Vietnam, starring brand ambassador Nguyen Quang Hai. Live since November 1, the series will run through to late January 2023. By featuring Quang Hai, one of the biggest stars in Vietnamese football, Kixx is celebrating the 2022 World Cup season, engaging with sports fans and customers across the country and solidifying its position in the market as a top-tier, high-performance engine oil brand.

Featuring both 15 and 30 second versions, the commercials shine a spotlight on Kixx Ultra 4T SN, the company’s powerful synthetic motorcycle engine oil. In the commercial, a high-flying sequence of Quang Hai’s football skills is paralleled with images of fiery engines, emphasizing the impressive performance both Quang Hai and Kixx Ultra 4T SN are capable of. The commercial series hopes to showcase Kixx’s advanced capabilities in a visually engaging, stylistically striking way, taking full advantage of Quang Hai’s athletic prowess and natural charisma.

The commercials are currently being aired across multiple cities in Vietnam, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho and Da Nang. Audiences can see the commercial on a number of popular local TV channels, including major terrestrial channels like VTV1, VTV3, HTV7 and VTV9. Cable television channels like ANTV, VTVCAB10 and THVL1 are also airing the series.

Nguyen Quang Hai has been a trusted partner of Kixx since 2020, when he was first appointed as Kixx’s brand ambassador in Vietnam. With the help of its valued partnership with Quang Hai, Kixx will continue to strengthen the value and visibility of its brand among Vietnamese consumers and strive to provide excellent products and services throughout the country, as well as the rest of the world.

To watch more videos and learn more about what Kixx has to offer to its expanding community of global customers, visit Kixx’s official global YouTube channel.

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