The Kixx Newsroom Has a New Look



Two screenshots from the new site sit on a white, orange and green background below the Kixx logo.

A New Look for Kixx Newsroom

The Kixx Newsroom, the brand’s official communication platform for global customers, has a whole new look. The site serves as the primary communication medium for the Kixx brand, providing important news about Kixx and helpful information about lubricants. Kixx recently redesigned the site with a more user-friendly interface and a look that syncs better with its other communication channels. The revamped newsroom is easier to navigate, offers an upgraded user experience, and better represents the Kixx brand identity.


A Better User Interface and User Experience

To improve the user experience and the user interface, the Kixx Newsroom simplified its menu, including only the most helpful categories and adding new ones like Product Finder. Smart Tips has been reborn as Tips & Info to reflect the broader range of information readers can find there.

The main page now displays Kixx’s social media feed, so there’s no need to search the site to watch the latest video on YouTube or to catch up with Kixx on LinkedIn. The brand’s other communication channels are just a click away from the front page.

Last but not least, newly added features — tags, related articles and related products — make it much easier to navigate the site and discover content tailored to your interests. It’s easier than ever to find the content you want.


Vibrant Visuals and a Unified Look

Visually, the new site better aligns with Kixx’s other communication channels — its, YouTube and LinkedIn pages— to project a unified brand image. Diagonal lines frame the content in an edgy way, taking inspiration from the Kixx logo. This strengthens brand unity by ensuring that Kixx’s social media presence and its newsroom are in sync. Also, Kixx ramped up the use of its signature color — orange — to emphasize the boldness, energy and vibrancy that the brand stands for.


A Promise to Global Customers

As the Kixx brand grows and its global presence continues to expand, the upgraded newsroom will improve the lines of communication with customers around the world. Kixx will continue to strive for better, more helpful content and to deliver it as effectively as possible, as a specialist lubricant brand. Please check back for latest news and information from Kixx Newsroom!

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