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The new landing page for Kixx’s renovated site gives it a responsive look and feel across every device.
The new website for offers a responsive look and feel across multiple devices.

Kixx has rolled out a fresh new look for its main website,, bringing better user experience and improved content to its global visitors. The revamped website will serve as the main communication channel for the Kixx brand and a hub of information for those looking to learn more about lubricants and engine care.

The redesigned offers in-depth solutions for both vehicle owners and industrial customers – all set against a visually gripping backdrop that brings the brand’s dynamic identity to life.

Visitors can now access a wide range of content, including brand assets and tools to help them choose the right products and boost their businesses with Kixx. The enhanced UX/UI features also make it easier for customers to navigate the site and find solutions tailored to their needs.


Informative, Resource-rich Content Hub will come with exciting new tools and resources, giving visitors in-depth insight into lubricants and engine oils through easy-to-understand content, so they can quickly make sense of their vehicle and business challenges. That includes new features like:

  • Application Guide: Kixx’s Application Guide uses interactive images to let industrial customers explore various work sites and the products that help them run. By clicking on equipment, users can learn more about which Kixx products are recommended for those machines, with a quick link to the matching product page for more detailed information.
An application guide shows visitors how to get the most out of Kixx’s products across every industry.
Kixx Application Guides show visitors the Kixx lubricants that improve performance across every industry.
  • Proof of Performance (PoP): Users can learn more about Kixx’s product performance through the PoP series that highlight the key features and benefits of Kixx products based on test results. PoPs can be viewed directly on the site, meaning users are no longer required to download the material to find what they’re looking for. PoPs will be updated to cover a wide range of sectors and products.
The Proof of Performance (PoP) page shows a range of Kixx product document links.
Users can access detailed Kixx product test results with just one click.
  • Product Finder: Kixx now offers a comprehensive digital ‘Product Finder,’ connected to a vast database of global car and equipment manufacturers. The Product Finder makes it easy for users to find which products work best for their vehicle or industrial equipment.
A product finder matches visitors with the best products to solve their challenges.
The Product Finder uses a vast online database to match visitors with the best products to solve their challenges.


Easy, Straightforward Navigation has been redesigned to help visitors navigate more easily. On its main page, Kixx uses a diagonal design to split the automotive and industrial sections, guiding users to the solutions they need. Two clear options on the main page show visitors exactly where to start their journey when they land on, while a concise menu leads visitors to the pages they need without having to dig. The user-friendly new layout was designed to lead visitors to the information they need in the fewest clicks possible, putting in-depth content and solutions right at their finger tips.


Minimal, Impactful Design

The new website puts the Kixx brand front and center, using signature images to highlight the brand’s identity as a solution provider that’s always by its customers’ side – along with its brand slogan, “All Ways with You.” The diagonal design on the main page showcases its strength in both the fast-paced auto industry and the demanding industrial sector.

To find out more about the new website or access Kixx’s wide array of content, visit, and start your journey to better vehicle and equipment care.